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Making the Eclipse C/C++ IDE Work for Embedded Developers ( Vortrag )

Using Arduino, Qt, and other Modern Frameworks with Eclipse

Referent: Doug Schaefer, BlackBerry QNX
Vortragsreihe: Open Source
Zeit: 29.11.16 16:45-17:25




Implementierung, Echtzeit/RTOS






The Eclipse C++ IDE and the CDT project have long been a standard toolset for embedded development. It’s flexibility to handle most compilers and debuggers has made it easy for vendors to adopt it into their commercial offerings. With the Eclipse Neon release and CDT 9.0, the CDT project has begun to focus on vertical open source runtime stacks to improve the user experience for developers trying to use Eclipse for specific environments. This talk will demonstrate how the Eclipse C++ IDE can be used to work with a few of those frameworks by creating an Arduino C++ app that communicates with an Qt app running on a hobbyist development board running QNX Neutrino and using the Eclipse Paho MQTT library to pass data to a Web server and client observing this system built using the Java and Web Tools installed into the C++ IDE. All these tools together illustrate why being a part of the Eclipse ecosystem is so important for our user community to produce a rich development environment.



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Über den Referenten

Doug is the long time co-lead of the Eclipse CDT project which builds a C and C++ development environment based on Eclipse frameworks. His expertise is in Eclipse UI, parsing technologies, and build systems. Over the last two years he has focused on enabling Eclipse tools for hobbyist and student embedded software engineers using Arduino and the ESP8266 microcontrollers.