Call for Papers

DevOps Principles ( Vortrag )

Application to the Problem Domain of Embedded Testing

Referent: Vassilis Rizopoulos, Zühlke
Vortragsreihe: Agilität
Zeit: 29.11.16 10:35-11:15




Test & Qualitätssicherung






We deal with the impact of applying DevOps practices (infrastructure as code, continuous integration etc.) in the development of embedded projects spanning the full spectrum of mechanics, electronics and software. Incorporating devops concepts within the regular test flow enables collaboration between engineers of all three disciplines with very fast feedback cycles. Software is in a position to provide tools and data to verify design decisions while moving forward with the implementation. Deliverables are provided at any point in time of the development presenting a constant stream of functioning prototypes from the beginning of development while providing an almost seamless transition from 3D printed proof-of-concept using evaluation boards to integrated device. In the talk, we present the basic DevOps principles and concepts and how they map to established procedures like EOL Tests, affect production considerations and ease hardware-software integration.


* Definition and clarification of DevOps
* Basic priniples and methods
* Application to the problem domain of embedded testing

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

The participants will gain a clearer definition of the over hyped DevOps terminology and gain insight on how they can benefit from the methods even in sectors of software development that are traditionally bound to slower iteration cycles than the web and cloud industry.

Über den Referenten

Vassilis Rizopoulos is rapidly approaching the 20 year mark as a professional software engineer. In his 15 years at Zühlke he has had a hand in building software for devices as small as an oreo cookie and as large as 60-ton locomotives. Currently a Lead Software Engineer he specializes as a "Software Productivity Engineer", a self-invented term for the role that integrates the development environment, test automation, continuous integration and deployment, devops and general behind the scenes tooling that enables software teams to concentrate on producing useful software.