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Advanced Security in Embedded Applications ( Vortrag )

Implementing Advanced Security for the IoT

Referent: Giancarlo Parodi, Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH
Vortragsreihe: Internet of Things
Zeit: 01.12.16 10:35-11:15
Co-Referenten: Presenter: To be confirmed. Language: German planned - we aim to update abstract in German next week.




Analyse & Design, Implementierung, Test & Qualitätssicherung, Sichere Software






The issue of Security for embedded systems that connect to the internet is something that now needs to be considered at the beginning of any embedded development and not something that is bolted onto the end of a project as an afterthought. System developers now have to develop system that are successfully secure against attacks every time, whereas a potential hacker only has to be successful once. This session will explain how dedicated hardware security IP blocks combined with supporting proven software libraries is the best approach to allow developers to integrate the level of security required in modern IoT applications.


With the issue of security becoming a highly important aspect of embedded applications that connect to the internet, system designers have a requirement to develop solutions that will be able defend against the majority of current security attacks. This content describes how dedicated security hardware blocks combined with supporting proven software libraries provide the developer with the tools to be able to develop applications that provide Secure Key Provisioning and Generation and enable designs to demonstrate a Certifiable Root of Trust.

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Attendees will learn the benefits of dedicated hardware Security blocks for Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography, HASH Accelerator, Asymmetric Key Generation and Key Secure management supported by SSL and Cryptographic Libraries. And how these features provide the tools to allow developers to protect Intellectual Property, achieve secure Communications and provide secure Updates & Device Lifecycle Management for internet connected applications.

Über den Referenten

Giancarlo Parodi is Senior Applications Engineer at Renesas Electronics, supporting 32-bit high-end Microcontroller and microprocessor Platforms. He formerly worked as application and technical support engineer at various semiconductor manufacturers, and as embedded software developer for 3G telecom equipment, totalling 15 years’ experience in the embedded electronics industry. He holds a MSC in electronics engineering from the University of Genova, Italy